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What to ask in a mortgage broker interview.

By: Chelsie Cheesborough licensed real estate agent June 12, 2016 How do you buy a home with straight out cash? The easy answer is that you don’t; the odds that you have 2 or 3 hundred thousand​ dollars saved up to buy a house for cash are slim to none. People are buying​ homes. They are… Read more

Preparing for selling your home

By: Chelsie Cheesborough Has selling your home crossed your mind lately? Well, it is just in time! The season is now! People (especially families) tend to move during the summer months. There are many reasons for this, but that is a whole separate topic.   Either way, the season for buyers is now, so how should… Read more

What’s the difference?

By: Chelsie Cheesborough When you begin to search for a Realtor, or real estate agent there is a good chance you don’t understand half the words they say. When they are explained, it almost seems that some of these words could be used interchangebly. The truth of the matter is, we know the difference, but… Read more

First Time Home Buyers Guide

By: Chelsie Cheesborough Buying a home is a big step. Actually it is seen as one of the biggest transactions in someone’s life. Whether you are married and looking to starting a family, or a single person wanting a place of your own. It is a BIG DEAL! Most people just don’t know the steps,… Read more

Is it worth it?

By: Chelsie Cheesborough Society has been for some time leaning towards more energy efficient everything. Hybrid cars, alternate fuels, solar power etc. The question I see the most is when it comes to homes. I’m not sure if you have heard the commercials for different companies offering “money” for your old refrigerator or water heater… Read more