Preparing for selling your home

By: Chelsie Cheesborough

Has selling your home crossed your mind lately?
Well, it is just in time! The season is now! People (especially families) tend to move during the summer months. There are many reasons for this, but that is a whole separate topic.



Either way, the season for buyers is now, so how should you prepare in a hurry? but still effectively?

First I will tell you DO NOT PANIC. You have time, and if your home isn’t quite ready, it is OK to list mid season.

This may be more of a simple thing than you think. Like stated on “A few minor touch-ups can go a long way…” You may think people will overlook dirty laundry, or see around the un-cut grass, but you are wrong. If your home looks move -in ready it will be much more appealing to a prospective buyer.

First things first. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!!  did you hear me? CLEAN your house!!!! Some of you have this dilution that this just means to put things away enough so that it doesn’t look like a tornado hit. NO,  I really mean clean. Dust, mop, vacuum. Take a stroll through your home and get rid of clutter! Your high-school lucky gym sock… yes they must GO!

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, this is pretty basic. What can I do that I do not already know to do. One key factor that you any decent agent would tell you to do. As crazy as it sounds, take down your family photos. I know, I know they mean so much to you, but other people are not going to be insanely impressed about your wedding photos, or your first born. They want to picture themselves in the home, with their family, not yours.


Is this really everything? If you have time, you could update paint colors, but for the most part just clean up. Make it look like no one lives there. That helps people vision their belongings and themselves living in the home.