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Angel Head, Broker/Owner

Angel has been active in the Atlanta Real Estate industry since 2000, and license as a Real Estate Broker in 2004. As the co-founder of Metanoia Properties, Angel has always had the mission of quality and professionalism. She is fully committed to meeting the needs of her business clients and company agents. Angel is a wife, mother, grandmother, and is active in her church and community.





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Patricia Mickle, Broker/Owner

Patricia has been involved in the Real Estate Industry since she was licensed as a Real Estate Agent in 2007, and is the co-founder of Metanoia Properties. Her passion is helping and serving people, and the real estate industry is her outlet to serve. Her focus is on helping people stay fully informed and connected when selling or buying a home, and on training and inspiring company agents to live at their full potential. She is a mom and wife, a pianist and music teacher, and she is involved in her church and community.





Metanoia Properties is a full service real estate company that serves the Greater Atlanta area.  Our agents know their way around the market, and they serve as advocates for our buyers and sellers. The needs of each individual are different.  Often, the real estate needs of an individual changes over time.  No matter your current need, we are here to serve you.

We have a particular interest property management, and are happy to be able to provide a superior management service for investors and property owners who are not yet ready to sell their homes.




We take pride in our customer service, and strive to make sure that every home owner, future home owner, and property tenant feels connected and well taken care of.  Honesty and communication build trust.  Period.  We want to earn that trust from you. At Metanoia Properties, you will receive the personalized attention that you deserve.  Our team of outstanding agents is able to work together and combine their expertise to bring you the best possible experience on your real estate adventure.

Ask any one of our agents about our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’re in this business to bring you home.

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